Saturday, 23 June 2012

Paranormal Activity 3 (DVD Review)

Paranormal activity 3 is the latest installment in the increasingly confusing horror franchise. With the story going back to the very origins of the haunting's, this installment follows the creepy childhood of 'Katie' and 'Kristi'. 

When reviewing horror film's the first thing to look for is the obvious, is it scary? To that I would give a resounding yes, yes it is, and this is clearly the aim of the film compared to the 1st installment which relied more on a griping story and your (wild) imagination. However a thing that the 1st film did terrifically was that it supplied clever horror scenes which would stick with you for long after your viewing. Sadly the 3rd film doesn't follow in it's footsteps, yes it supplies scares, but cheap jump ones, that are always going to catch you out, but only supply a short- term scream. 

To support the moments of terror, a strong and immersive plot is needed which the film fails to deliver , unless you've been paying scrict attention to the previous 2 films. The storys almost indecipherably confusing, which inevitable builds up to an anti-climactic ending in which your thinking, 'what did i just see!?'. The plot however is confusing in more ways than one. The characters in this film confuse me to the point of laughter, especially the adults who seem abnormally relaxed and confident. With these characters come some ridiculous scenes in which the handheld camera in taken all around the house, into every scary situation and filmed. This created an completely unrealistic atmosphere which for me in a way ruined the film. 

With the franchise slowly becoming the Halloween blockbuster hit, I can see plenty more sequals (or prequals) over the horizon. Hopefully what they bring is something more inivitive and clever, otherwise I can see the unfortunate downhill fate of the franchise slipping into a saw like state. 

30% (Friday night fun?!) 

Calum. Russell

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