Tuesday, 26 June 2012

In A Nutshell-Melancholia Review

Directed by Lars Von Trier and starring Kirsten Dunst and Kiefer Sutherland. Melancholia follows the story of Justine (Dunst) who is celebrating her marriage, meanwhile the planet, melancholia, is heading towards earth. 

I perceived this film as two parts. The first half includes the whole wedding and the second half involves melancholia. I thought the first half was excellent, scenes created powerful feelings and imagery, I thought that their was strong character development, superb acting (With Kirsten Dunst putting in her best performance for years) and most importantly an incising story. 

However as we reach the 'second half' of the film, things start to get 1- confusing and 2- very melancholy! I didn't feel that their was a strong enough link between the two halves , it almost felt like two different films. I also felt that the film was forcing you to exert emotions, (which always annoys me), the film was just so depressing that I nearly even switched off. As-well as these factors, I also do not believe that a strong enough story was delivered, it should have been pretty simple, but instead was unnecessarily confusing, as you were battling in your head the meaning of this film. 

70%- Worth it for the brilliant first half, but confusing and forced second half ruins film. 

A failed piece of a clear attempt of art, if you want art, watch the tree of life

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