Tuesday, 26 June 2012

In a Nutshell -Deadline Review

Starring the late Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch, deadline follows the story of a screenwriter who travels to an abandoned house to finish a script on time, but a strange series of events leads to her psychological breakdown. 

Throughout this film I was just waiting and waiting for this film to kick in with it's main plot and driving force, but before I knew it , the film had ended and I was sitting their baffled and unsatisfied. The stories so lack-luster, it's transparent and easily predictable. The acting is also poor, it almost seems like none of the actors/actresses want to be their, all the performances are half-hear ted and very unbelievable. In a film about a screen writer it's also ironic that the screen writing in this film is one of the worst I've ever seen. Filled to the brim with film cliches and awful dialogue. 

The only light relief comes at the end with a small twist, that will keep you thinking for literally minutes until you understand it, it won't leave you open mouthed, it will just leave you thinking 'ohhh....is that it?' 

30%- No passion what so ever in this unoriginal cliched bore. 

Calum Russell

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