Saturday, 23 June 2012

30 Days of Night( DVD Review)

Before vampires were a soppy race that entertained teenage girls, they were realistic, terrifying and appealed to nearly all horror fans. 30 days of night was released back in 2007, directed by David Slade (hard candy) and strring Joah Hartnett and Melissa George. Adapted from the comic book, 30 days of night follows the story of residents in Barrow, AK, that are plunged into darkness for 30 days every year due to its arctic circle destination. Unfortunately for them something blood thirty and sinister is planning a surprise attack in this month of darkness. 

If your 14 year old daughter loves twilight, and wants to watch this film because of the vampire plot-link, DO NOT let them! This film is very dark,depressing and horribly sinister. Although it's very sinister, this didn't divert me from the gripping plot. These vampires weren't the cliche stereotypical vampires you've seen in dracula or twilight! These vampires are literally the stuff of nightmares, the main vampire especially, the way the actor moved, talked and style was brilliantly terrifying. The intensity of the growing plot and the vampires, grew and grew until...the anti-climatic final scene. 

The final few scenes in this film completely ruin it for me, there were so many other ways that the film could've ended, that would've made it so much better. I realise that the film is based on a comic book, so has to be true to the original ending, but really! All that brilliant high intensity action and dialogue, to finish so abruptly and ridiculously was just so disappointing. Also at the beginning of the film you are shown a ship in the far distance and a rugged looking man coming toward the camera. You do learn more about this character as the film progressed, but not enough information is given in my opinion. I would've loved to have seen just a bit of back story, like what happened on the ship for example, or where the vampires came from. I think if more information was added the story would've been a lot stronger overall 

The lack of information in this film and the stupid ending does bring the score down but these factors didn't affect me enough for me not to enjoy the film overall. With a solid plot, terrifying vampires, and good acting across the board, I'm giving 30 days of night... 


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