Saturday, 14 January 2012

The artist review


Silent films are obviously by far a thing of the past and with the dawn of new 21st century technologies, like 3-d and imax, you would think the format would never creep back onto the silver screen again. Until now. The artist has shoveled past the half hearted 3-d action and animation flicks that have flooded the autumn/winter box office and is now the 'talk of the town'. 'For how could a black and white silent film be any better than a film in colour and shot in SPECTACULAR 3-D!!!' Easily! And here's why...

Film making today isn't what is used to be, today, production teams are littered with high tech equipment (like 3-D camera's!) That for some reason, (needed or not) they think is a necessity in the film. But what's to say we can't go back to old roots like the artist has done? Simply because companies don't want to lose money, that's why the artist is such a big risk. But the risk has defiantly paid off as new films made with new technology are being overlooked as this new film with old technology is stealing the limelight and its such a nice sight to see. As of course the artist is one of the best films I've seen for a while. Its such a breath of fresh air to see such a film which along with a heart warming story line delivers great acting performances around the board especially from Jean Dujardin (and of course Uggie the dog!) But the aspect I really loved about this film was the screen play and the overall style in which this film was shot. I especially loved the opening sequence in which ( however corny it may sound) I really felt as if I was actually in a theatre of the time with the band playing live in front of me. By seeing this scene at the start where 'George Valentin' is happy and charismatic, it means that we can really relate to the character throughout the film going with him though his highs and lows .

Overall I think this film was beautiful, a real unlikely masterpiece for a film of the 21st century. One that will always stand the test of time and one that should defiantly win the awards for best film and of course to Michel Hazanavicius for best director. They most certainly do not make them like they used to!...


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