Thursday, 2 August 2012

Trailer Talk- Paranormal activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4 trailer-

What began as a clever, intuitive, low-budget horror film has now evidently descended into tasteless b-movie rubbish. However despite my increasing disinterest within the franchise, I am still intending to watch this when it's released around Halloween time. Why? Well It might not do anything for me in the scares department, but in terms of a interesting story I'm weirdly hooked . Despite my dislike for nearly every release in the series, the story that these film's are slowly stringing together is enough for me to be mildly excited. The continuing tale within the franchise may be boring and long-winded, but if you dissect each film for information, a  fairly simple yet solid story can be recovered from the rubble.

 The scares however are another story. Cheap jump scares that are bound to make you jump no matter the situation, are striking throughout every film , and it looks like the trend will continue with this 4th installment. There is one technique however that is used within the franchise, yet is rarely used to similar effect outside the series. The technique to linger the shot for a disconcerting amount of time, yet scarcely ever actually reveal anything. Ignoring this hint of brilliance, every other scare is lazy and completely 'murdered' until it's simply not scary any more.

 One thing that is both prominently positive and negative throughout the franchise, is the use of unknown actors. Positive in the fact that, whenever unknown actors are used, a huge dose of realism in injected immediately into the film. Negative in the fact that, an unknown actor doesn't necessarily translate into a good actor, this is clearly evident from the atrocious acting displayed in the trailer.

 My fear from this trailer, is that this new 'episode' in the series looks more like a route down the' teenage horror- flick' path. Due to the result of the previous two films this franchise could soon be one destined for the 'bargain-bucket'.

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